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PC Repairs & Upgrades

Providing a reliable and guaranteed PC repair and upgrade service to the homes and businesses of Fareham, Whiteley, Park Gate and surrounding areas.

We Supply, Repair & Upgrade Desktop and Tower PCs

If you’re having PC problems and you live in or around Fareham we can help. Fortunately hardware problems with PC’s are generally much simpler (and less expensive) to resolve than similar faults on a laptop or notebook.

Most PCs by design are assembled from a collection of interchangeable components which increases the availability of spares and reduces costs accordingly. On the down side the greater spaces within the PC case and the fact that they are often positioned out of the way can result in dust collecting within the case and settling on components leading to failure.

At ARK Systems we offer a computer cleaning / maintenance service and a reliable and guaranteed PC repair service within a 10 mile radius of our office / workshop in Park Gate (on the outskirts of Fareham). Repairs can be carried out on site in your home or office by one of our mobile technicians or you can drop your computer into our workshop for us to assess (there is free customer parking right outside).

You can book a service call or equipment collection at a time to suit you using our online booking system. If you’re unsure which service you require or you have any other queries, simply call us on 01329 800610 or drop us a note using the contact form.

Opening Hours

We’re open!

Monday: 09:00 – 17:30
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Sunday: Closed

Common PC Problems

If the computer does nothing at all when you switch it on; no lights, no whirring, nothing on the screen; you are most likely dealing with a hardware problem such as a faulty switch or power supply (PSU). If your PC switches on but gets stuck before Windows appears this could indicate a problem with your operating system or your hard disk drive. Pay attention to the error message, as this will give you valuable information when it comes to solving your problem.

There are a number of reasons for this common problem, some software related and some hardware related. If your computer has very little free memory, then it may freeze up when playing videos, or it may not even be able to start playing them at all. The problem may also be that your player needs updating, in which case you can search the web to find the latest updates. It is also possible that the video, itself, is “written” in a codec (code, or language) that your player cannot read. Using a different player may remedy this problem.

Fortunately, this problem is not a death sentence for your computer (although you may lose some of your unsaved work when the computer shuts down). Again, pay close attention to the information given to you in this error message, as it will help you identify the source of the problem. Common causes of BSOD include overheating hardware, power source failure, corrupted RAM, driver errors, and hardware that is running beyond its specifications.

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