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Data Recovery & Retrieval

If you’ve lost data that is important to you the best advice we can give you is not to assume the worst. Give us a call explaining the circumstances leading to the data loss and we’ll talk you through your options.

Data Recovery & Retrieval Service in Fareham

There is never a good time for your computer to fail but on some occasions it may seem like total disaster. Unless you are very diligent with your back up routine, you are always at risk of losing data that is important to you. Whether it’s personal files like family photos or your music collection; business files – accounting records, proposals, research or even school or university work, everyone has something to lose.

Our Data Recovery Service offers hope. Once we’ve established the cause and severity of the data loss there are a number of options available. Simply give us a call on 01329 800610 to see how we can help. Once we’ve established the nature of the problem we can arrange a visit to your home or office, or you can drop the computer into our Park Gate workshop (there is free customer parking right outside).

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Data Loss Causes & Prevention

  • Accidental / Malicious Deletion
  • Operating System Failure
  • Malware
  • Hard Disk Failure
  • Other Hardware Failure
  • Physical Damage

    In most cases your files should be recoverable, but in some circumstances (such as significant physical damage to the Hard Disk Drive) the process could be expensive.

One of the first things you’re told when you’re introduced to computers is “don’t forget to save your work” and “make sure you take regular backups”.

We all know we need to do it, we all intend to do it, but it’s not until we lose our data (or somebody we knows suffers the same fate) that we’re spurred into action. Like checking the oil and water in your car, you KNOW you need to do it, but you never get around to it until it’s too late.

We can help you establish a fully automated backup solution; you set it up once, and thereafter it automatically backs up your data at whatever intervals you like, giving you peace of mind.

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