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Windows 11 Coming in October

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In an announcement on their Windows blog at the end of August we learned that the new Operating System (OS), Windows 11 will be released very soon. On 5th October, Windows 10 PCs that are eligible will start to be able to upgrade for free to the new OS as well as new PCs becoming available for purchase with Windows 11 already preloaded. The free upgrade will be “rolling out”, meaning that the release will be a phased one, rather than instantly available for everyone. The hope is that “all eligible devices” are to be afforded the opportunity to switch to Windows 11 by mid-2022.

So how do I know when I can upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows Update should automatically let you know when the free OS upgrade is available for your devices. If you’d like to double-check though, you can always head to:

Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates.

Why should I upgrade to Windows 11?

According to Microsoft, there are 11 (of course) “highlights” of Windows 11:

  1. A new, clean design.
  2. Cloud and Microsoft 365 integration for “Start”, meaning your recent files are accessible regardless of the device you’re trying to view them on.
  3. Snap – a snap-in feature that helps to maximise the utilisation of your screen(s).
  4. Microsoft Team integration into your taskbar.
  5. Widgets – an AI-powered, personalised feed.
  6. Gaming – Windows 11 is slated to be the best Windows Operating System yet for gamers with better support for hardware and newer gaming technologies, including next-generation Intel CPUs.
  7. An overhauled Microsoft Store with a new design including integration of Android apps.
  8. Accessibility – Windows 11 will include familiar and new features to be as inclusive as possible for people with disabilities.
  9. Improved development opportunities for independent software developers (ISVs) to bring their apps and products to the Microsoft Store.
  10. Better, stronger, faster – Optimisation for voice, touch and digital pen input.
  11. Improved functionality for businesses.

Ultimately, we won’t be 100% sure how well the new Windows 11 will function en masse until its release in October but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any news.